Swiss Electronics Cluster

Don't miss the next Constitutive Assembly of the Swiss Electronics Cluster (SEC) which will take place on July 1st at Microcity. The SEC is a platform for the electronics industry, enabling its members to develop new skills, improve their competitiveness and productivity, and maintain and develop their highly qualified personnel in Switzerland.

Cluster of excellence for the electronics industry

The Swiss Electronics Cluster (SEC) invites you to its Constitutive Assembly which will take place in the premises of Microcity.


• Formal aspects

Chairing of the meeting and drafting of the minutes

• Decision on the constitution

Creation of an association in accordance with art. 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code

• Adoption of the articles of association

Amendment, if any, followed by approval and adoption of the articles of association

• Election of the committee and the auditors

Election of the members of the committee

Election of the President and the Secretary

Election of the auditors

  • Date : July 01, 2022
  • Place: Rue Pierre-à-Mazel 39, 2000 Neuchâtel
  • Time: Starting from 2:30 pm

In order to stay informed of the latest news and obtain all the necessary information, do not hesitate to consult the SEC website.

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