Microcity consolidates its support program for SMEs and launches a project on the future of microtechnology

A summary

Microcity's SME support program: an undeniable success!

Supporting companies in a pragmatic and efficient innovation process? This is what the SME program, launched by the Microcity Innovation Cluster in collaboration with the Association Industrielle et Patronale (AIP) and the Neuchâtel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCI), offers. The program includes support from experienced entrepreneurs and is aimed in particular at SMEs in the canton of Neuchâtel operating in a complex ecosystem.

The benefits? The program offers them expertise from research and development institutes by giving them privileged access to a network of companies and innovation specialists.

Since the launch of this program at the end of December 2019, Microcity:

  • has been in contact with 53 SMEs, providing ideas on cooperation and diversification projects to 24 of them,
  • has initiated 7 collaborative innovation projects.

According to Microcity's values, innovation includes a notion of culture, a notion of accessibility and the fact of always being customer-oriented by identifying their needs and expectations.

Thus, innovation is not limited only to technological aspects.

"Future of Microtechnology": Microcity project approved by Innosuisse

In addition to reinforcing its support for SMEs, the Microcity Innovation Cluster is pleased to be one of the 12 projects approved in the first "NTN - Innovation Booster" call of Innosuisse. The project in question deals with the "Future of Microtechnology": Within the framework of this program, 45 projects will be implemented in cooperation with partners from industry, research and development.

The aim is to develop an ecosystem in the field of microtechnology and to test the feasibility of business ideas. The objective is to develop an ecosystem in the field of microtechnology and to test the feasibility of business ideas. This will be done in partnership with ARCM, i-Moutier, ITS, AITI and SIP WEST EPFL.

Microcity plans to start the program in January 2021 by calling for ideas from companies, research institutions and various partners.

Within the framework of the first "NTN - Innovation Booster" call for proposals for the funding period 2021-2024, Innosuisse received 64 applications covering a wide range of topics, particularly in the areas of health, digitization and sustainability.

Funded in part by Innosuisse, this initiative aims to encourage and stimulate innovation activities through the development of concrete ideas and tests.

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