An environment that supports innovation and its production

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Would you like your startup to grow and flourish? Have you conceived, designed and developed an innovation that you now want to manufacture and present to potential clients? You have the ideas. We have the means to make them a reality.


Experts with hands-on experience ready to deliver genuine added value

Are you looking to successfully move your innovative idea to the next level? In search of sound advice, specialist expertise and skills from people with hands-on experience?

You have the ambition. We have the teams that can help you perform and stand out from the crowd.


Developing projects in synergy with the manufacturing industry

Have you developed an entrepreneurial opportunity in the academic or economic sphere? Do you have lots of ideas, but lack resources? You have the dreams.

We have the hands-on experience required to make your plans a reality.


Resources to support your pathway to success

Your startup has a sound scientific footing but lacks economic appeal? Does it have a wealth of innovative content but unpredictable growth potential? Speak to our experts and draw on their invaluable advice.


Skills in highly precise applications and large-scale manufacturing

Whether you’re an engineer, visionary, inventor, university student or academic, your future depends on transforming your fledgling startup into a viable and growing business. You have the startup mindset. We can help you become a serious and committed entrepreneur working at the heart of the manufacturing process.