Canton of Neuchâtel: our DNA

Miniaturisation, reliability and complexity with high added value

The Neuchâtel region has three centuries of industrial history in the watchmaking, luxury and ultra-high precision sectors, and its expertise is reflected in the exceptional dynamism visible across the entire innovation chain, from idea to product.

Today, Neuchâtel has an international reputation for its skills in high technology, particularly micro-nanotechnologies and micro-manufacturing. With its subtle blend of miniaturisation, complexity and reliability, Neuchâtel plays a key role in innovation, both in terms of products and production methods.

Neuchâtel therefore actively contributes to Switzerland's economic prosperity, while simultaneously making a useful technological contribution to the challenges facing humanity in fields as varied as health, energy, mobility and space exploration.


The Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL (SIP-West)

Microcity is affiliated to the national Switzerland Innovation programme, a platform that positions Switzerland as an international innovation hub. Microcity is part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL, which brings together the six main innovation parks in Western Switzerland in more than 13 internationally renowned academic institutions. Within this grouping, Microcity is the preferred site for microtechnology, advanced manufacturing and the future of photovoltaics.

This initiative therefore creates a unique link between the academic and industrial worlds, and covers all areas of innovation. With highly qualified professionals, fully equipped laboratories and a unique atmosphere, Microcity offers a flexible and focused hosting offer for companies looking to expand their R&D activities into Western Switzerland.