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LEGaTO : A European IT Project for more Sustainability

Watch a video on the LEGaTO project, which seeks to reduce energy consumption in data centers by making more efficient and effective use of computing resources.

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Portrait of Stéphanie Boder-Pasche

Discover the portrait of Stéphanie Boder-Pasche , R&D expert Nanoscale Technologies at CSEM Neuchâtel.

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Portrait of Olha Sereda

Discover the portrait of Olha Sereda, in charge of the Additive Manufacturing and Component Reliability department in Neuchâtel.

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Interview of Marie-Laure Berthié

Discover the portrait of Marie-Laure Berthié, Platinn Coach and founder of Eolus Partners, a creative consulting firm, funds and family offices.

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Hervé Saudan and Lionel Kiener : the SLIP RING project

Discover the movie of the SLIP RING project, driven by Hervé Saudan and Lionel Kiener, both engineers at CSEM.

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Portrait of Ivan Michel Antolovic

Interview with a scientist who works on super resolution microscopy.

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Portrait of HiLyte

Joined Microcity in January 2018
Interview with a team of complementary professionals and personalities.

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Video : Ted Turlings and the Agriscents Project

Video : Agriscents project follows work on the role of odorant molecules in plant-insect interactions conducted by the team of Professor Ted Turlings, Director of the UniNE Laboratory for Basic and Applied Research in Chemical Ecology (FARCE).

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Portrait of Edoardo Charbon

We talk to a scientist whose research results are an integral part of the objects we use every day.

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