Video: Edoardo Charbon and the SwissSPAD project


Edoardo Charbon - SwissSPAD project - EPFL Neuchâtel

Video: The project to develop a new kind of camera

Edoardo Charbon, the head of the AQUA laboratory at EPFL, and his team have a research mission to model and develop hardware/software systems based on quantum devices. Particular emphasis is on high-speed 2D/3D optical sensing, embedded & reconfigurable processing architectures, single photon avalanche devices (SPAD) and design optimization techniques.

The SwissSPAD project is the creation of a 1M pixels single-photon avalanche diode camera with 3.8 ns delay and 24k per second frame rate. In SPAD research, the realization of a megapixel SPAD sensor has been considered one of the most important milestones in more than a decade. The sensor is being applied to high dynamic range 2D imaging and high spatial temporal resolution 3D imaging.

Video directed by Le Grand 8 - Neuchâtel