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Richemont and Microcity announce the creation of a Research and Innovation Centre in Neuchâtel

In a constantly evolving technological context, Richemont is opening a Research and Innovation Centre to promote the sharing of experiences between its brands and to serve as an innovation incubator for the Group as a whole.

This new centre will concentrate efforts and facilitate exchange between researchers in the interests of efficiency and ingenuity. With an initial staff of thirty, the centre’s ranks will swell in 2018 with the recruitment of twenty engineers specialised in microsystems, micro-manufacturing and micro-engineering.

Richemont is proud to join brands with strong credentials in Swiss innovation and to work with the Neuchâtel innovation hub on this initiative by moving its teams to Microcity. The Group will thus form part of an unrivalled industrial and academic ecosystem, in collaboration with key players in the sector, such as EPFL-IMT, CSEM, He-Arc, UniNE, and the NEODE start-up incubator.

Richemont, which has been a partner to EFPL’s Galatea Lab in Neuchâtel since the creation of a professorial chair in 2014, will thus further boost its presence in the canton of Neuchâtel, which is already home to a significant proportion of its production activity.

The Neuchâtel State Councillor Jean-Nat Karakash expressed his enthusiasm: “This partnership marks a significant step for Microcity.” It bolsters the initiative’s own positioning within the Switzerland Innovation network as a cluster of excellence dedicated to infinite precision and to advanced manufacturing technologies. The Richemont Research and Innovation team will move into the facilities at Microcity in April 2017.

For more information :

Contact Richemont : E. Mignon, Group Research & Innovation Director,
tel. +41 22 721 3000 email : pressoffice@cfrinfo.net

Contact Microcity - Innovation Hub - Neuchâtel, contact@microcity.ch


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