Innosuisse eliberty  Neuchâtel

InnoSuisse is financing a 1.5 million Swiss Franc research programme


InnoSuisse, whose aim is to encourage science-based innovation for the benefit of the economy and society, is providing 50% of the finance for a research project into access control systems costing about CHF 1.5 million.

This project involves an SME, e-Liberty – hosted by Neode – and two academic partners, the EPFL and the Haute Ecole ARC Neuchâtel. e-Liberty is drawing in particular on the expertise of Alexis Boegli, a scientific team leader at the EPFL and professor at HE-Arc Ingénierie.

This project arose directly from an initial patent application filed last year by e-Liberty concerning the “smartcard”, a new credit-card-sized card offering long-range remote access control, geolocalisation in real time without GPS or a GSM network, and cashless direct debit or deferred payments.

The aim of the project is to anticipate the access control of the future, which is set to become dematerialised, while allowing the providers of goods and services to retain control of customer data, a major concern in the face of the onslaught by GAFA and other flow generators.