Carré bleu at CPLN

The first of its kind in any Swiss professional training school !

Carré bleu at CPLN opened its doors on 6 March 2018. The first of its kind in any Swiss professional training school, Carré bleu is a welcoming workspace that accommodates varied, innovative, user-friendly learning. One of Carré bleu’s objectives is to promote cross-disciplinary projects between CPLN’s 2,700 students and 500 teachers. Cédric Levrat, ICT & Pedagogy Administrator and Director of Communications, explains.

Why create a space such as Carré bleu ?

Having observed the general lack of interest in and the underuse of our media library, we had a strong desire to take a radically new approach. Before designing this new space at CPLN, we visited a large number of libraries and other work spaces, and we came to the following conclusion: these spaces are rarely used, and only partially meet the actual needs of users.
First considered to be a sort of utopia, Carré bleu has now become a reality. It is a bold project that combines genres, and is conceived to meet the learning goals of students and teachers in a creative and innovative way.

What makes Carré bleu such a unique space for a professional training school in Switzerland ?

Carré bleu is everything at once: a repository for books and media, a screening space, a laboratory for new technologies and even a prototype space.
Genres combine over 600 sq. m. to create a welcoming work space that accommodates a range of varied, innovative and user-friendly learning tools.
Among the new features: a recording studio that teachers can use to create videos for use with learning pathways, flipped classrooms, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs); a prototype space that reproduces the front of a classroom, equipped with all the hardware and software tools available at our professional training school; a simulator that teachers can use to familiarise themselves with new technologies in teaching, in a relaxed environment.

What do you hope to achieve with this space ?

We hope that Carré bleu will become the centre of activity at CPLN, where people come together, meet, learn, work, and discover. It is hoped that the centre’s six functionalities that are currently available will encourage its intended public to discover, through culture, new technologies in teaching as well as new teaching in technology. A fantastic future-forward tool that will also encourage cross-disciplinary projects between our 2,700 students and our 500 teachers.
 Carré bleu is overseen by the ICT and Pedagogy Departments and will offer, in close collaboration with the Carré bleu Commission and the IT Department, an evolution in available functionalities and tools, as well as cultural, technical and instructional events.

cpln espaces ordinateurs

Carré bleu opened its doors officially on 6 March 2018. What does the future hold for Carré bleu ?

The range of functionalities will be implemented gradually between now and the end of this academic year. Once Carré bleu is fully operational, an official inauguration will be held.
Carré bleu is open to internal and external users. However, the reservation of resources (computers, books, multimedia equipment, recording studio, etc.) is limited to internal users.
The tools and spaces offered today by Carré bleu will not necessarily be the same in the future. The intention is for the space to evolve. Functionalities will therefore change depending on the learning needs identified by the Carré bleu Commission. This commission is composed of 1 or 2 teachers from each of CPLN’s schools (École technique ET, École des arts et métiers EAM, École professionnelle commerciale EPC, École des métiers de la terre et de la nature EMTN, École supérieure de droguerie ESD), and a representative from each cross-disciplinary department (General culture, Carré bleu, Sports, Academic Counselling, and ICT & Pedagogy).
Signage, brochures and a presentation video for Carré bleu will be available by the end of June 2018. These will be created by a 4th-year mediamatician, Nicolas Dell’Aquila, as part of his degree.

Written by Cédric Levrat and Victoria Barras

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