Bilan Top 50 2019 : The Startups You Should Invest in


Bilan Top50 2019 startups Neuchâtel

Netsensing Technology

Required amount: CHF 1,5 million
It is a common misconception that sleep apnoea is a minor health issue, when in fact it presents serious risks, particularly cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression and even sudden death. The disorder affects 15% of the population on average (even more in Switzerland) and can be treated, yet only 0.03% of cases are detected. It should be noted that the examination requires hospitalisation and costs about CHF 1,500. In Neuchâtel, Netsensing has reduced this to CHF 30 with sensors that measure posture, heart rate and breathing, miniaturised to fit into a belt that can be used at home. Already validated by the hospital in Neuchâtel and by a large cooperative of Swiss pharmacists, the CE mark is now being sought for this device so that it can be produced on an industrial scale and commercialised.




Required amount : CHF 600'000

The hiLyte battery has been devised for people with little or no access to an electricity supply grid, i.e. more than two billion people across the world. The concept is based on the different chemical states of iron. The reaction that takes place inside the battery is the following:

The price of this battery: 12 dollars for the battery and 10 cents per day of consumable.

To find out more. visit the hiLyte website




Required amount : CHF 600'000

Sy&Se is a start-up at the Haute École Arc Ingénierie (HE-Arc) specialised in attaching glass and ceramic materials to metals. In most manufacturing processes, assembly is an essential step. It plays an important role in obtaining an effective, quality end product. Since the careful technological and economic management of each step is central to a company’s concerns, Sy&Se is offering a new bonding process, ICB (impulse current bonding), based on a major scientific discovery, which combines robustness with controlled costs. The company has just developed its first industrial machine.

To find out more, visit the Sy&Se website



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