Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management


Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management

From September 2018, the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie (HE-Arc) engineering school in Neuchâtel and the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) will offer a unique course, the only one of its kind in Switzerland. The aim of the new HES-SO Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management is to train specialists for SMEs facing the challenges of digitisation and Industry 4.0.

Switzerland is globally renowned as a champion of innovation. But it is when an idea can be transformed into a product and then exported that wealth is generated. This means that one must be able to develop products efficiently to remain competitive. Efficiency in the value chain will be a core focus for the future students of the Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and Management, covering varied sectors such as machine engineering, medicine, watchmaking and the food industry.

The right product at the right time

These areas for reflection will be considered in the light of digitisation and Industry 4.0. Today, businesses operate in an interconnected world. They are able to exchange a great deal of information, which is now being supplemented by artificial intelligence. Their one sole aim is to create the right product at the right time.

Three possible course options

The first two years of this Bachelor's programme consist of a core curriculum taught at both sites – Neuchâtel and Yverdon. Students choose their specialisation in their third year from :

bachelor industrial design and management

Deadline for applications : 31 May 2018

Education Manager :
Jean-Marc Buforn
+41 32 930 22 60

Victoria Barras