Anne Polikeit

Professor of Mechanical Design at He-Arc Engineering

50 years old
Lives in Biel


Born in Offenbach, Germany, Anne spent her youth in Wuppertal, where she went to school, completed her apprenticeship, earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at a Gesamthochschule and her master’s degree at Ruhr University Bochum. She then moved to Bern, where she completed her diploma and PhD in biomedical engineering, before taking a job in the private sector, at Ypsomed in Berthoud, which specialises in developing insulin syringes and pumps. In 2008, she joined He-Arc as professor of mechanical engineering in 2008.

What has changed for you since coming to Microcity?

Everything is still coming together, so we’ve yet to truly feel the effects of Microcity in our school. But I think it will be very good for forging connections, especially between academia and industry.  We’ve already enjoyed collaborative relationships with research institutes, such as the recent one with EPFL for a Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) project on electronic tags : we created an injectable design, studying the tag's comfort in relation to the varying types of ankle morphology. This type of partnership leads to very interesting synergies. But it’s true that too often at the end of a project, contact is lost. There’s no doubt that, with the networking opportunities represented by Microcity, there’ll be ways of maintaining long-term contact that will be highly beneficial.

What role can you and your colleagues play at Microcity?

Perhaps by contributing our broad range of experience in the field. We have very strong ties with industry, collaborating regularly with companies seeking practical solutions, especially through the bachelor's degree programme and specific projects. We’re working in the area of industrial design engineering, the study of objects from the perspective of end users and their needs, as well as in mechanical design. In this way, our student engineers can always stay in direct link with real-world use and conditions.


Patrick Di Lenardo

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