4 new startups join the incubation program


4 new startups join the incubation program

Avincis SA

Active in the Cleantech sector in the field of construction, its mission is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions of buildings through its expertise and innovative technology. In fact, Avincis SA is developing a system for high energy efficiency building openings (called SOBEE) which allows to reach the best standards of energy efficiency.

With its patented system, the startup wants to reach the solar protection industry dedicated to high energy efficiency buildings and expand in Europe where the market represents 15 billion Euros.


The Infys startup offers an innovative concept by creating sterilizable electronic pipettes. This innovation avoids microbial contamination and thus offers greater safety and reliability in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

With an estimated market potential of more than one million units, the company wants to supply their electronic pipettes to pharmaceutical laboratories.


With a new technology that allows to inject metal inside the glass, the startup Jarys offers an innovative service in several different sectors. Indeed, the company wants to reach the watch industry by offering its services to watch brands.

The medical technology sector also finds its place because the company can develop a drug delivery system encapsulated in glass and implantable in the human body.

As versatile as a Swiss Army knife, the startup can extend its services in the electronics industry by developing a printed circuit board (PCB) directly inside the glass and use it as a plug&play for electronic devices.

Silent Laser

The startup has developed a totally innovative laser system, as small as a shoebox, which makes it possible to achieve extremely stable and precise emission frequencies. Indeed, current technologies are currently cumbersome and expensive, limiting scientific and industrial progress. This is why Silent Laser wishes to offer its innovative system at a competitive price to original equipment manufacturers, research laboratories and universities for applications related to quantum technologies.