Microcity SA’s mission is to stimulate, support, drive and promote innovation projects brought by startups, SMEs and large companies that are either established or planning to establish themselves in the Canton of Neuchâtel.

Microcity optimises skills in the fields of research, development, technological transfer and industrialisation. It provides specialist resources in the areas of corporate consultancy, hosting, finance and communication, with a particular focus on micro-nanotechnologies, micro-manufacturing and industrialisation processes.

Its aim is to create jobs and generate added value within the canton.


Microcity SA has a dual vision. Firstly, to transform the Canton of Neuchâtel into a national and international centre for innovation that is recognised in the economic sphere, particularly in the fields of micro-nanotechnologies, micro-manufacturing and industrialisation processes.

Secondly, Microcity SA hopes to be seen by businesses (startups, SMEs and large companies) as a key partner for initiating and implementing innovation and technological transfer projects in partnership with other companies and with R&D and training institutes.