Public organizations

Other members of the Microcity Innovation Cluster include Neuchâtel umbrella organizations that support this network.


Public organizations
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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Neuchâtel (CNCI)

This association defends the interests and framework conditions of 950 businesses in discussions with political and state bodies.

The CNCI supports companies in specific fields, including exports, allowance funds and legal advice in matters of employment law.

The CNCI acts as a platform for exchange, organizing meetings for its members to discuss relevant issues: training, tax, energy, the economic environment, intellectual property, international market developments, technological change, etc.

As a neutral and trusted intermediary, the CNCI provides a bridge between customs authorities and businesses to facilitate export activities. The CNCI is also an opinion leader that regularly releases economic and sectoral studies; it also publishes its own monthly newsletter, entitled “repères”.

Microcity embodies the dynamism of Neuchâtel and its surrounding area, open to the world and to innovation.
The area possesses a rare density of competences in the economic, industrial, academic and research fields. All of this together in an exceptional living environment in the heart of Europe.