The origins of the Haute Ecole Arc Engineering date back 150 years to when the Swiss watchmaking schools were first founded.

Its courses are based around 4 areas of study and 9 specializations, preparing engineers at Bachelor’s and Master’s level for careers in product design and production methods, industrial procedures and quality, or information technology and embedded systems.



HE-Arc Engineering
@ Microcity

Applied research is based around 11 research groups and is concentrated on sites in Le Locle, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Saint-Imier, all in close proximity to the businesses whose innovation and production needs it studies on a daily basis.

The Haute Ecole Arc's specialties are intended to serve a globally unique industry by developing directly applicable and applied research that is always of immediate relevance to the region’s economic and industrial fabric.

The results of this applied research must continuously feed into the teaching provided by the institute. But this alone is not enough. Teaching and research must be visionary, they must anticipate the challenges and requirements of tomorrow. The HE-Arc must be a source of future knowledge. It must serve as a technology monitoring platform and respond to all these challenges in the form of professional courses, establishing itself as a center recognized for the relevance of its activities.

The HE-Arc intends to live up to its slogan: “Dare… Think… Do!”

Furthermore, the HE-Arc has skills in other complementary areas, such as management and business computing for the industrial sector, or health care and the interactions between technology and the medical sector.

A FabLab also enables the development of training projects around additive manufacturing techniques, 3D printing and new developments in production facilities.


The strategic positioning of the HE-Arc Engineering

The School’s positioning is defined around four key areas of activity, which correspond to what the industrial fabric of the Jura Arc primarily designs, produces and promotes. These include :

  • Smart & micro manufacturing : Resources for an agile, adaptative and interconnected production tool.
  • Smart sensing & digitalization : Solutions integrating IoT, interadaptability and Big Data.
  • Watchmaking and industrial luxury : From product design to industrial performance.
  • Medical technologies : From implantable microsystems to medtech digitalization.



The pole of innovation Neuchatel reflects assets in advanced research, education and industrial dynamism. The Haute Ecole Arc, which includes an engineering component firmly embedded in Neuchâtel and the Jura Arc region, must be a key player in the network of education, research and industrial institutions. Microcity is not just a building or an institution, but a goldmine of the skills available in this canton.