The Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology (FSRM)

The role of the FSRM is to promote microtechnology. Its initiatives concern both the industrial and scientific sectors, and both professionals and the general public, including young people.




@ Microcity

With a network of over 200 experts in Switzerland and Europe, the FSRM offers businesses advanced training in various areas, mainly in the industrial and technological sectors, but also in administration, management and personal development. Over 1,000 engineers and technicians benefit from this service every year and value, above all, the quality of the teaching staff, the practical approach and the short duration (one or two days) of FSRM courses.

The FSRM organizes regular scientific conferences and meetings with its academic partners, bringing together between 100 and 1,000 participants to discuss a specific research topic.

The Foundation also targets the general public through evening conferences that address topics related to research and emerging technologies in a more accessible way.

The FSRM is fully aware of the need for new talent in technical fields. With this in mind, it is committed to a program that introduces children to technology through a series of ‘discovery’ workshops aimed at girls and boys aged 7 to 13, organized in various French-speaking Swiss cities.

The FSRM also takes on managerial and organizational tasks for professional associations and networks that are active in the sector. It has voluntarily positioned itself at the crossroads of microtechnology.


Microcity - Pole of innovation Neuchâtel is the culmination of collaborative links and relationships we have enjoyed for many years with all those involved. "At the heart of the infinitely precise" emphasizes the skills of the research and training centers, and our industrial fabric. The slogan is fully justified by local history. It is written in our DNA.