Founded in 1974 by merging different vocational schools located within the municipal territory of Neuchâtel, the Centre professionnel du Littoral neuchâtelois (CPLN) now comprises skills centers that are characterized by their specific areas of vocational training.



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Centre professionnel du Littoral neuchâtelois CPLN

Several dozen training courses are offered in technical fields (Technical School), the crafts (Arts & Crafts School), business (Vocational Business School, Higher Pharmacy School) and agriculture / nature (Agriculture & Nature School). The CPLN offers introductory training, advanced training and higher specialist courses. Most courses are taught at Neuchâtel-Maladière in an attractive setting with good public transport links. Teaching staff made up of business professionals and trained teachers, coupled with all the necessary infrastructure and equipment, enable it to put its slogan into practice every day: "Our passion is your education".


Beyond its structures and resources, an innovation cluster is above all a group of men and women united around a shared objective: to think and act together in the interests of innovation. In this dynamic context and through its key mission of vocational training, the CPLN and its students thus have a decisive role to play in envisaging and shaping the world of tomorrow. The future belongs to the young, so getting them involved at a very early stage in innovation processes from which they can learn, and incorporating their current and future visions of society makes a lot of sense!