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Portrait of Andrea Dunbar

Discover the portrait of Andrea Dunbar, Head of Edge AI & Vision at CSEM in Neuchâtel.

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Portrait of Stéphanie Boder-Pasche

Discover the portrait of Stéphanie Boder-Pasche , R&D expert Nanoscale Technologies at CSEM Neuchâtel.

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Portrait of Olha Sereda

Discover the portrait of Olha Sereda, in charge of the Additive Manufacturing and Component Reliability department in Neuchâtel.

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Hervé Saudan and Lionel Kiener : the SLIP RING project

Discover the movie of the SLIP RING project, driven by Hervé Saudan and Lionel Kiener, both engineers at CSEM.

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Portrait of Christophe Ballif

Passionately interested in science and environmental issues, Christophe Ballif divides his time between the EPFL laboratory, where he heads the research team in Neuchâtel, teaching in Lausanne and at the CSEM, with activities dedicated to industrialisation. We interviewed this researcher with a resolutely sunny disposition.

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CSEM : researchers raised the one-sun efficiency of a fully industry-compatible silicon heterojunction solar cell to 24.2 %.

This is among the highest efficiencies reported for such a device, further demonstrating the high potential of this technology.

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CSEM : The first dexterous and sentient hand prosthesis has been successfully implanted

A female Swedish patient with hand amputation has become the first recipient of an osseo-neuromuscular implant to control a dexterous hand prosthesis.

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