INVENesis is a Swiss biotech company based in Neuchâtel that was founded in March 2017. INVENesis offers R&D services focused on research into new active substances and the development of technological solutions that enable its customers to generate intellectual property.

INVENesis is part of an ecosystem of companies searching for drugs, pheromones, bio-control tools, natural products and technological solutions with applications in parasitology, agriculture and human medicine. Its customers include manufacturers (pharmaceutical, animal health and plant protection companies) and academic institutes.

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The company has three technological platforms:

  •    Electrophysiology (on oocytes and invertebrates),
  •    Model organism and parasite assays (C. elegans, D. melanogaster, ecto- and endoparasites),
  •    Customised R&D (protocols, molecular biology, machine and software development).

By incorporating cutting-edge technology, miniaturisation and automation into every step of its assays, the company can use very small amounts of compounds and apply these high-added-value tests on compound libraries that contain several million samples. Its assays can also be used to identify the modes of action and possible side effects of compounds.

With its proven technology and team of passionate experts with a combined experience of over 50 years in multidisciplinary pharmaceutical research, INVENesis is the ideal partner for conducting strictly confidential research work.

team invenesisElodie V. Rufener - CFO

team invenesisLucien Rufener - Managing Director

team invenesisJean-Luc Perret-Managing Director

team invenesis

team invenesis

team invenesis