The strengths of Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel, a cradle of innovation

Home to visionaries and entrepreneurs, the canton of Neuchâtel is much more than a picture-postcard location.

It is a cradle of innovation and creativity, a region where internationally acclaimed traditions sit alongside the ideas that will shape the future.

The canton of Neuchâtel is recognized around the world for its expertise in the fields of micro/nanotechnologies and microfabrication. Steeped in three centuries of industrial history, the region's proficiency in these fields generates exceptional dynamism all along the innovation value chain.

From teaching to industrial processing, and from fundamental and applied research to development and production phases, the skills of all those involved combine to drive the emergence of innovative technologies and concepts.

In addition, the density and responsiveness of the local industrial fabric allow new ideas to be converted into products in record time.

Economic performance

Neuchâtel’s remarkable performance is due, first and foremost, to its watchmaking industry, but also to its activities in precision instruments and electronics.

Chemical and pharmaceutical products also contribute to the canton's added value, as shown by export statistics.

Finally, knowledge-intensive services, which provide essential support to high-tech industries, are also present in Neuchâtel, just as they are in other medium-sized Swiss cities.