From idea to product

In the canton of Neuchâtel, regional expertise is reflected by an exceptional level of dynamism all along the innovation value chain.
The skills of all the stakeholders together with the density and responsiveness of the local industrial fabric enable new ideas to be converted into products in record time.

The proximity between research centers and institutes and the regional industrial fabric generates not just a proliferation of new ideas, but also enables such ideas to be converted into products in record time.

The fruits of Neuchâtel’s innovation represent a large number of technological breakthroughs, which have contributed to advances in humanity in fields such as health, the environment, communications, future energy solutions, and even space exploration.


A skills network serving local businesses

In the canton of Neuchâtel, businesses can count on first-class applied research institutes and academic structures to support them in their technological development projects. The high concentration of skills centers provides the opportunity to benefit from strong interdisciplinarity between research, innovation and industrial applications, thus favoring technology transfer.

Thanks to these cross-cutting partnerships, startups, SMEs and multinationals can compensate for any lacking resources in terms of staff, finances, or skills by calling on local actors to help them undertake projects that are too complex to conduct internally.