Horlovia Chemicals


Horlovia Chemicals was founded by Dr K. Zahouily and is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Through its research and development work focusing on innovative processes using photopolymerisation, the Horlovia Chemicals company – a true innovator in the field of polymers – develops and markets solutions for the watchmaking and luxury industries that are both highly efficient and environmentally friendly. The engineers and researchers who work with Dr Zahouily at Horlovia Chemicals are chemical experts who combine scientific rigour with entrepreneurial flair.

They are true artisans of progress who develop cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions on which the major watchmaking companies now rely. Horlovia Chemicals’ products and services include: ‘peel-protect’ temporary protection (a patented and transparent peel-off coating), contracted projects developed according to specifications (polymers, varnishes, inks, glue, etc.), expert advice to help customers make informed decisions (varnishes, glues, composites, etc.), sol-gel, anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant coatings, drop-jet UV for customisation and selective spraying (dials, straps, etc.). The inventor has many years of research and development experience.

After several years at the CNRS, he founded the PNP company in neighbouring France, offering bespoke services to customers in the following fields: photopolymerisable functional coatings (anti-scratch, anti-microbial, anti-counterfeit, etc.), photopolymerisable composites and/or nanocomposites (organic enamels), photoresists, and hybrid sol-gel coatings.