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CSEM Sustainable Development Prize

The result of a partnership between the CSEM (Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology) and the CPLN (Neuchâtel Coast Professional Center), the second “CSEM Sustainable Development Prize” was awarded to an interdisciplinary high-school graduation project judged to be of exceptional merit.

Prix CSEM du développement durable

The idea of this award for excellence is to encourage students to think in a useful and original way about a topic that is closely linked to the concept of sustainability.

The winner of the “CSEM Sustainable Development Prize”, receiving a certificate and the sum of 1000 Swiss francs, was:
ECOLOGIA – High-school graduation project

Construction project for a ‘Minergie’ (low-energy certified) house, designed using a “sustainable development” approach.
By Technical School students Daniela Duarte Brites, Kelly Quiquerez, Camille Tissot-dit-Sanfin and Dany Vazquez Colomba. Supervised by their teacher, Mrs. Aline Amez-Droz.

See the project on the CSEM site

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