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The CSEM’s photovoltaic facade

An exclusive architectural design that produces energy in Neuchâtel

Façade photovoltaïque du CSEM

Neuchâtel, September 3, 2015 – Viteos,
Today, Neuchâtel City Council and the CSEM unveiled a facade of solar panels in the city center, remarkable both for its ultra-contemporary design and its combination of innovative technologies. Robust, efficient and visually appealing, this facade marks a turning point in the architectural integration of photovoltaic panels in Neuchâtel, and opens the way for modern and attractive solar architecture.

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CSEM - Swatch Group

Swatch Group and CSEM are developing a Swiss made ecosystem for connected objects

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Center of Excellence in Characterization

The Center of Excellence in Characterization (CEC) brings together experts and methods from CSEM, the Haute Ecole Arc (HE-Arc) and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in order to meet your requirements as fully as possible. The CEC provides you with easy access to the instruments used for materials characterization, high-resolution 3D imaging, dimensional measurement,
real-time analysis and failure-mode analysis.

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1Drop Diagnostics

Saving lives through better and faster portable medical diagnostics

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