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Center of Excellence in Characterization

The Center of Excellence in Characterization (CEC) brings together experts and methods from CSEM, the Haute Ecole Arc (HE-Arc) and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in order to meet your requirements as fully as possible. The CEC provides you with easy access to the instruments used for materials characterization, high-resolution 3D imaging, dimensional measurement,
real-time analysis and failure-mode analysis.

Characterization of micro- and nanostructures

Nano- and micro-structural characterization helps in understanding the relationship between physical properties and the structure of materials. The CEC offers a wide variety of
equipment: various X-ray diffraction instruments; atomic-force microscopes; environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEM and SEM); and high-resolution transmission electron microscopes, as well as a scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM), a photo-emission electron microscopy (PEEM), and X-ray nanotomography.

Dimensional Metrology and Quality Control

The CEC has 3D sensor equipment, vision systems, and a CAT scanner (for dimensional and geometrical measurements with micrometric precision). This scanner can be used to carry out non-destructive control of the internal dimensions of an object, thus enabling inspection and quality control of your assemblies. The CEC also has its own confocal microscopes and a 3D microscope that can be used to analyze surface condition (roughness parameters, with a vertical resolution of several dozen nanometers).

Mechanical and Tribological Tests

The CEC uses a range of proven analytical methods to measure the mechanical properties of materials and thin films – traction and hardness tests, adherence (bulge and scratch test) – and to characterize tribological properties (wear rate, friction coefficient). By analyzing mechanical and tribological performance on a nanometric scale, the experts at the CEC can help you to identify solutions and thereby improve the functionalities of your products.

Chemical Composition Analysis

The CEC proposes a number of analytical methods to identify and quantify the chemical composition of surfaces, thin films, and bulk samples. A wide variety of analytical tools requiring in-depth investigation from the outer surface, within a few nm to a depth of several millimeters, are available. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the Center selects the most appropriate technique to obtain the relevant information.

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