Switzerland Innovation

As a common instrument of the Confederation, the cantons, and the scientific and economic sectors, the Swiss Innovation Park strengthens Switzerland’s capacity for innovation in the face of international competition.

Companies that are highly active in research thus benefit from an optimal environment in which their knowledge-based innovation projects can be transformed into globally marketable products.


SWITZERLAND INNOVATION is a generational project intended to drive the effective development of Switzerland as a competitive, knowledge-based national economy in the global marketplace.

It forms part of a wider strategic marketing plan for the country and positions Switzerland on the potential-site shortlist of international companies investing heavily in research.

Six strong thematic locations constitute the pillars of the brand and are the anchorage of the future SIP WEST EPFL in western Switzerland.

The Swiss Innovation Park (SIP) concept, centered around the two EPFs, aims to create a new dynamic based around science and disruptive technologies. Drawing on the presence, attractiveness and international reputation of the ETHZ and the EPFL, this concept will draw new economic activities to the SIP sites, bringing job creation and growth in the medium term.

Structured coherently around the same entity, these sites are clearly identifiable by their characteristics and enjoy strong national and international recognition.

Thanks to regular collaboration between the ETHZ and the EPFL on the Swiss Innovation Park project for a number of years, the EPF Area will be able to play the central role expected of it both by the CDEP and the Federal Department of the Economy, Training and Research and its State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, in terms of supporting innovation and technology transfer in the interests of Switzerland as a whole.